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The Portugese, the French and the British were lured to Kerala by the magical flavours of the spices that grew in the misty mountains. They still come to Heritage Methanam to enjoy these soul stirring flavours. While the Kumbalangi specials like Karimeen paal curry (steamed Pearl spot in coconut cream) and Kakka theeyal (stir fried clams in tamarind sauce ) will take you on a matchless flavor trek, melt in mouth classics like grilled fish with fresh lime butter and chicken sizzlers with green veggies will make you want more! If you wish to explore the pan Indian trek or even if your choice is Chinese, our chefs are ready to serve you some tongue tingling magic.

India on a platter.

At Heritage Methanam,our versatile chefs are eager to serve you the best of speciality dishes from around the country. Be prepared for a delightful surprise here.

Chinese masterpieces, made to order.

Ancient Chinese travelers who came to Kerala, left behind some unique gifts. The fishing nets are just one of them. But, the cuisine is undoubtedly the best. Find proofs of it in our restaurant. Our chefs deliver authentic taste of Cantonese, Schezwan and Mandarin styles with brimming pride.

Culinary secrets of Kerala, revealed.

This is a roller coaster of taste. Hot, sour, sweet, bitter all in it's hyperbolic best. This is a cuisine best experienced than spoken about. Experience the creamy and subtle Karimeen Paal curry, the fiery chatty chemeen, the elegantly tangy kakka theeyal to tease your tongue to this new world of exotic and myriad taste.